ZRG Concepts

Wingz ZRG

Bone-in wings, hand-battered boneless wings, waffle fries, mac & cheese.  Our first ZRG Concept, from the makers of ZaLat Pizza!

Ming's Fried Chicken ZRG (coming soon)

Authentic flavors of Southeast Asia blended with crispy fried chicken wings, drumsticks, or tenders.   

Bodega ZRG (coming soon)

All the conveniences of your local bodega corner store, delivered to your house!  Coming soon in mid-2018.

ZaLat Pizza

You have got to taste this pizza! We make our dough from scratch, oven-roast our tomatoes to make our signature marinara sauce, and use the best mozz we can find.

DaLat Restaurant

Vietnamese comfort food! Live, Eat, and Pho is our motto.  Enjoy soothing Asian favorites such as pho, ramen, or banh mi sandwiches. Open until 2AM daily!

Project A.I.

Coming in summer 2018 is Dallas's hottest new nightclub, Project A.I! Dance to the beats of our killer sound system and enjoy the laser lighting and holographic projectors.